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Workshop: What are the basic principles of nutrition to prevent cancer?


Dr. Nadia Ali, M.D, M.B; B.S, MPH, ABHIM, FACP


This session is for all those who have a family history of cancer, past or current history of cancer, history of abnormal pap smear, abnormal mammogram, abnormal PSA (prostate specific antigen), lung nodules and abnormal colonoscopy results.


Almost  90–95% of cancers are preventable. These cancers have their roots in the environment and lifestyle. Two of the most important factors that contributes to cancer are diet and environmental pollutants. Identifying the specific foods and environmental agents that cause cancer is a key step in preventing cancer. In addition, nutrition is a powerful tool that can be used to decrease the risk of cancer as well as a tool to detox the body from environmental cancer causing agents.




  • Understanding the role of Nutritional status, inflammation, and hormonal balance in cancer.

  • Role of the digestive system in cancer

  • What food ingredients increase risk for cancer?

  • What products in our environment increase our risk for cancer?

  • What foods protect us from cancer?

  • How to adding anti-inflammatory foods in the diet?


Workshop Information


  • Date: Thursday April 5th 2018 4:30 PM

  • Duration: 60 minutes

  • Location: 995 Old eagle school road, Suite 311, Wayne, PA, 19087

  • Fee: $70

  • Limited to 10-12 participants

  • Call 610-363-3973 or email to register

Integrative Cancer Program

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