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Do you know what is the source of vanilla in your latte and ice cream?



This blog will surprise you because it will unveil one of the sources of vanilla and other flavors in our foods such as frozen dairy products, candies, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and puddings etc.

We all love food that looks good and tastes good. What we often are not aware of is what ingredients are being used by the food manufacturer to give color and taste to food products.


Let's start with the taste. The labels of flavored foods such as vanilla, strawberry and raspberry flavored ice creams and yoghurts mention 'natural flavor' as one of the ingredients. One source of this natural flavor is Castoreum. Castoreum is present in the castor sacs. These sacs are present in a beavers's anus (Anus is the opening between the buttocks from which stools pass out of the body). Castoreum is also used in the perfume industry extensively. 


Unfortunately it is not required by food manufacturers to list the source of their natural flavor hence it is difficult to find out if our vanilla latte has some beaver's butt in it.


Share this blog with those who take their health seriously. In our next blog we will discuss food additives used to color our food. Stay tuned! 



Reference: Burdock, GA. Safety assessment of castoreum extract as a food ingredient. Int J Toxicology; 2007 Jan-Feb; 26(1): 51-5.

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