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Hyperthermic Infrared Conditioning for Cellular Healing

What is Hyperthermic Infrared Conditioning?

Hyperthermic Infrared Conditioning is a powerful and non-invasive process in which the body is exposed to high heat (168F to 192F (70C to 90C), Infra red light, Vibration massage, and Aromatherapy (with essential oils) to achieve healing at the cellular level. 

How does Infrared light heal at the cellular level?

What is the evidence that Hyperthermic Infrared Conditioning helps with healing?

There are multiple mechanisms through which infrared light and heat stimulate healing.

  1. Increasing blood supply leading to increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

  2. Improves dysfunctional mitochondria and increases production of ATP (energy)

  3. It reduces Oxidative Stress (produced by free radicals and inflammation)

  4. It helps detoxing organic and metallic toxins.

  5. Increases the activity of our immune cells (Macrophages)

Why are essential oils combined with the Hyperthermic Infrared therapy?

Essential oils are natural compounds that are extracted from plants.They possess incredible healing properties including anti-inflammatory, immune supportive, antibacterial, and anti fungal. Their addition enhances the desired outcome.

Research shows it has been found to support the following

  1. Detoxification of environmental toxins

  2. Heart Disease

  3. Chronic Fatigue

  4. Fibromyalgia and chronic pain

  5. Diabetes Mellitus

  6. Cancer

  7. Gut health-Leaky gut

  8. Weight loss

  9. Immunity Building

  10. Autoimmune Diseases e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis

  11. Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease

  12. Neuropathy

  13. Stress Relief 


You can review the benefits for each of these along with references via the educational folder in the office.

Why is the head outside the heated chamber?

The head protects the brain and sensitive organs such as eyes and ears. The purpose of keeping the head outside is protection of the brain and sensitive organs from very high temperature. 

How do I take advantage of the Hyperthermic Infrared therapy?

Office Patient: Dr. Nadia Ali can identify the specific protocol that you need to achieve your health goals before you schedule your session.

Not an Office Patient: You will review the educational folder to identify the protocol that will help you achieve your health goals. Then you can schedule your session. 


Infrared Hyperthermic 

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