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Functional Healing Blogs


How to prevent flu using homeopathy?

The combination of Flu and Covid 19 can increase the severity of the symptoms and risk of complications. This blog discusses the role of homeopathy in preventing and supporting those suffering from symptoms of Flu. 

Resilience: the most effective tool to fight Covid 19
Resilience: Fighting Covid 19 effectively

This blog discusses Resilience, the ability to fight infections specifically developing resilience against COVID-19. Our resilience depends on a number of important systems in our body including immune system, liver, gut bacteria, heart and kidneys . The blog discusses how we can optimize these organ systems through lifestyle interventions.

7 Root causes of Hormonal Imbalance
Hormonal imbalance due to gut bacteria, infections, adrenal imbalance, thyroid dysfunction and xenoestrogens

This blog discusses simple steps that individuals and families can take to prevent COVID-19 as well as strengthen their immune systen to fight the virus if we are exposed.

How do I protect my family from COVID-19?
Covid 19

This blog discusses simple steps that individuals and families can take to prevent COVID-19 as well as strengthen their immune systen to fight the virus if we are exposed.

Why are Fish Oil supplements beneficial in men?
Omega 3 Fatty acids

This blog reviews the new research published regarding the role of Omega 3 fatty acids in increasing fertility in men.

Autism spectrum Disorder

The Center for Disease Control has found that we are facing an epidemic of Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD). This is an alarming situation because Autism has a huge toll on children and their parents. As opposed to conventional belief, environmental exposures rather than genetics alone is responsible for the development of Autism. Hence an early functional integrative approach that identifies and addresses the environmental factors underlying this disorder along with behavior modification offers an optimal and effective strategy to prevent, halt and reverse the symptoms of autism. This blog provides an overview of this approach.

Weight Loss naturally

The conventional wisdom that reducing calorie intake and burning calories is the solution to weight loss is an oversimplified approach to a complex problem. According to NHANES survey, more than 2 in 3 adults are overweight or obese. One in 6 children and adolescents are suffering from obesity. Weight gain in an individual is not always the result of an unhealthy diet and/or lack of exercise. Many factors including Microbiome, food sensitivity, trauma and stress, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, use of certain medications, fatty liver, persistent infections and exposure to environmental toxins play a important role in causing weight gain. This blog discusses how a personalized integrative approach considers each of these factors into acount to help an individual lose weight.

Leaky Gut outcomes.jpg

This blog provides key information about how leaky gut is the root cause of many symptoms and health conditions. It identifies the changes in the intestine seen in those who have leaky gut. In addition, it also explains the causes of leaky gut and how a 5 R approach can reverse leaky gut. 

Lyme Disease causing fatigue

We are experiencing an increase in tick exposure leading to Lyme Disease. Persistent Lyme exposure can cause chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and neurological symptoms. In addition, it can also trigger the development of autoimmune diseases and Sarcoidosis. Unfortunately, many individuals with persistent Lyme never develop the classic signs of fever and rash leading to underdiagnosis and undertreatment. The blog outlines a functional integrative approach to identify and address persistent Lyme related diseases and symptoms.

Gut bacteria-human microbiome

This blog identifies and explores the connection between bacteria in our gut and their influence on health and disease.

Toxin exposure leading to symptoms and disease

This blog explains the association between autoimmune diseases and toxins. We define the different types of toxins, how these toxins lead to autoimmune diseases and how are we exposed to these toxins.

Dr. Nadia Ali: reversing chronic fatigue

Dr. Nadia Ali presented her research poster on Reversal of Chronic Fatigue at the annual international conference of the Institute of Functional Medicine on 1st June 2018. She discussed 3 cases of chronic fatigue in terms of their risk factors, triggers and root causes. All of these cases were successfully reversed after the root causes were identified using functional testing and treatment using botanicals and non-invasive interventions. 

Reversing memory loss and dementia

This blog discusses the root causes underlying the development of hypothyroidism including Hashimoto's disease as well as how those can be addressed to reverse fatigue and symptoms from a low functioning thyroid gland. This blog provides insight into reversing an autoimmune process to prevent other autoimmune diseases.

Adverse effects of antibiotics

This blog discusses the adverse effects of antibiotics on health and the need for a more holistic and functional approach to treat infections.

Brain fog related symptoms and root causes

This blog addresses the symptoms associated with brain fog as well as the root causes that lead to development of brain fog.

6 barriers to weight loss

This blog discusses 6 barriers that make it difficult for individuals to lose weight.

How to age gracefully?

This blog discusses the science and art of aging gracefully. It is of interest to all those who want to sustain their quality of life as they grow olde

Reversible causes of autoimmune diseases, inflammation, leaky gut, food sensitivity, environment and infections

This blog discusses the growing threat of autoimmune diseases as well as how individuals with autoimmune diseases can reverse their disease and symptoms by treatng the root cause of inflammation. The blog provides a case in which a lot of suffering could have been prevented if the root cause would have been identified.

Carb cravings, stress, weight gain, Cortisol

A 35 year old female experienced food cravings during the evening and night times. She was progressively gaining weight especially around her belly. She was under a lot of stress due to family issues and work. She also had complaints of brain fog and fatigue. It took her more than 30 minutes to fall asleep and often woke up in the middle of the night.This blog discusses the connection between food cravings, weight gain and cortisol using a case based approach.

Microbiome, chronic diseases connection with gut bacteria, leaky gut, IBS, inflammation

This blog introduces the newly discovered organ in our body called the microbiome. Introducing gut bacteria's role on health and disease.

Lifestyle, healthy aging, attitude towards our body

This blog discusses an important question that is often asked by those serious about achieving good health.

Food additives, toxic ingredients

This blog will surprise you because it will unveil the sources of vanilla and other flavors in our foods such as frozen dairy products, candies, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and puddings etc.

Health, illness, disease, symptoms of unknown cause, feeling sick with negative tests

As a physician, one of the most frequently asked questions that I get is "Am I healthy?", "Can I get tested to make sure that I am healthy?"or "How do I know that I am healthy?" This blog provides an insight into understanding our health.

Functional vs. Conventional Medicine, root cause medicine, patient centered medicine

There is a new model of health care called the Functional Model. It is replacing the conventional model. This change is being driven by both evidence and research as well as by patients who are more educated, aware and motivated to take charge of their own health. This blog discusses some fundamental differences between these approaches

Using food as medicine, nutritional medicine, meal planning

Have you ever wondered why nature has created fruits and vegetables with so many different colors? This blog discusses how each of these colors represent important healing nutrients found in nature.

Role of water in sustaining health

Around 57-60% of the human body is made of water. Water is truly an essential nutrient. This blog discusses more about how to use water to enhance your health.

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