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IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback

Patient education and preparation


How does IASIS MCN help the brain heal?

Physical trauma, chronic illness, emotional trauma, or toxicity damages the brain by causing abnormal patterns of brain waves. The brain gets stuck in these fixed and rigid abnormal patterns. IASIS MCN provides a gentle nudge to the brain in the right direction. It allows the brain to establish new healthy brain wave patterns. The  IASIS MCN treatment is like rebooting your brain just like a computer.

What is IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback (MCN)?

IASIS comes from Greek and Hebrew words, and its definition means curative or healing. IASIS is a 510K FDA-registered tool that utilizes small sensors.
That detects and monitors brain waves, sending electronic signals to a computer.

The computer returns a tiny signal that is a mirror image of the brain’s own waves. This tiny signal produces a fluctuation in the brainwaves that allows the gentle, effortless release of fixed, frozen brain wave patterns.

The brain responds to the IASIS MCN signal by laying down new neural pathways that are unique to the individual to compensate for what’s not working in the brain and reversing chemical and hormonal imbalances to self-regulate.

IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback helps the brain heal and restore it to its most optimal cognitive state. After successful treatment, prescription drugs can often be reduced or discontinued, with the approval of your doctor.

How does IASIS MCN help the brain heal?

1. Evidence-based

 It is the only existing technology with a major university (UCSD) and Veterans Administration Institutional Review Board approval for a pilot study, where each participant experienced a significant reduction in all symptoms of PTSD and mild to moderate Traumatic Brain Injury.

2. Efficient and effective

 It may take up to 35-40 sessions to notice any changes with traditional neurofeedback. It is common for a patient to plateau with traditional neurofeedback and then experience additional progress utilizing IASIS. It is much more efficient. Clients report significant changes in their condition in as few as one to three sessions with no side effects.

3. Operator independent

Traditional neurofeedback is based on the concept of
retraining the brain. Hence it requires clients to try to control their brainwaves consciously. With IASIS, the technology provides a brief, tiny signal to the brain to unlock or unfreeze the brain swiftly, requiring a limited number of sessions.

4. Structural and Functional Change

Research has shown that IASIS works at
multiple levels.

● It eliminates slow wave delta wave activity and positively affects multiple brain waves, including theta, alpha, and beta.

● It detoxifies the brain by activating the lymphatic system of the brain called
the glymphatic system, which is responsible for removing toxins.


● It reverses the structural damage induced by physical, chemical, and emotional trauma.

● It increases the parasympathetic system, which reduces the sympathetic activity (Fight and Flight system)

5. Safety:

IASIS MCN is based on the principle of Hormesis, which means a process whereby any cell or organism shows a more favorable biological response from a low dose than a higher dose. Hence the amount of energy given during IASIS MCN is very small, making it safe and preventing overstimulation.“Less is More”

How does IASIS MCN help the brain heal?

IASIS MCN is not symptom or disease based. It is meant to support the central nervous system. It has been observed to be helpful in the following conditions under the supervision of a physician.


  • Fibromyalgia

  • Addiction including sugar

  • Headache, Cluster and tension headaches 

  • Anxiety, Anger, Rage

  • Sleep Issues

  • Autism including Asperger’s syndrome

  • Lyme Disease 

  • Cancer

  • Memory disorders

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Migraine

  • Alzheimer’s Dementia

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • OCD

  • Impulse Control

  • Depression, Bipolar disorder

  • PTSD

  • Eating Disorder

  • Raynaud’s Disease

  • Epilepsy/Seizures

  • Stroke

  • Psychosocial Disorders

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • PMS

  • Facial Tics, Tourette’s

  • Chronic Pain

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/OCD

  • Parkinson’s tremor

  • Chemo brain

  • Cognitive decline

  • Peak Performance

Can IASIS MCN be made for home use?

No. IASIS MCN is not meant for home use. It is administered by trained doctors.

Do I need to stop my medications during IASIS MCN treatment?

No. Do not stop or reduce the dose of your medications until and unless you have discussed that with your physician.

How long has neurofeedback been around?

Early microcurrent neurofeedback was called LENS, Low Energy Neurofeedback and was developed in the early 1990’s. IASIS is a modified and improved version of this feedback which is more efficient, effective and has less side effects. Over 75,000 
patients have been treated with technologies similar in principle to IASIS MCN Micro Current Neurofeedback.

How long has neurofeedback been around?

Early micro current neurofeedback was called LENS, Low Energy Neurofeedback and was developed in the early 1990s. IASIS is a modified and improved version of this feedback which is more efficient, effective and has fewer side effects. Over 75,000 
patients have been treated with technologies similar in principle to IASIS MCN Micro Current Neurofeedback.

 Is IASIS MCN safe?

This type of neurofeedback is extremely safe. IASIS only uses a very low power–-3 pico or 3 trillionths of a watt–-electromagnetic field to carry feedback to the person receiving it. This is an amount of energy equal to 1/100th of a double A battery.There is no reported case of someone being worse off from having been treated with IASIS MCN.

According to Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Iasis MCN is safe for babies and pregnant women. There are no contraindications for this treatment.

 Are there any side effects of IASIS MCN?

During the first few IASIS MCN, a client may sometimes experience temporary fatigue, “lightheadedness” or a feeling of being “revved up.” Mild headaches can also occasionally occur. These symptoms are always temporary and typically last only a few minutes to a few hours.

Does IASIS MCN affect only the negative patterns or can it impact the positive aspects of my brain?

IASIS MCN only acts on the frozen and stuck brain wave patterns. Healthy brain waves are flexible and resilient. When the tiny fluctuations from IASIS MCN encounter these normal waves, they quickly spring back to their healthy patterns.

Preparing for your Session

How to prepare for your IASIS MCN session?

● Arrive at your sessions in relaxed clothing.
● Please do not use any hair products on the day of your appointment. No gels or
hairsprays, please. Makeup to the forehead area should also be avoided. 
● Do not wear large earrings
● Make sure you eat something and drink plenty of water before the session


What is the duration of IASIS MCN sessions?

The initial session is 45-90 minutes long because it includes an initial assessment.
The follow-up sessions are half an hour long

 How many sessions are needed before I notice an improvement?

Most people notice initial changes within three to five sessions, occasionally a little longer. Loved ones often see the most change. The average number of sessions varies depending on the severity of one's condition. Once treatment has been completed, additional sessions are usually not necessary. Occasionally individuals may require a “booster.”

How frequently do I need these treatment sessions?

Initially you will start with 1-5 treatments per week. Your physician will determine the frequency on the basis of the severity of your symptoms.  IASIS MCN is a process. The total number of treatments will vary from person to person, but a typical range would be 10 to 20 treatments. The number of treatments is higher in cases that are more severe and long standing.  

Some people will notice changes in between 1-3 sessions while others may require more treatments before they notice a change.

Process of IASIS MCN

What happens during an IASIS MCN session?

1. There are 6 protocol settings of IASIS MCN and numerous different sensitivity levels that may be selected, depending on how fragile or hardy one’s nervous system is which is assessed by your physician.
2. Your protocol will be adjusted according to how you respond to the treatments
both  during or after the session.
3. While seated, five lightweight EEG electrodes will be placed at different areas on your head and neck. The areas will first be cleaned off and then a conductive
paste will be applied to hold the electrodes in place.
4. The position of the electrodes may vary through the treatment and in subsequent
5. We encourage you to keep your eyes open during the session.


What can I expect after my treatment session?

People report not feeling anything from the electrodes. After the session, you will be asked to report your observations.

In addition, to helping with your underlying symptoms and conditions, IASIS MCN benefits include

1. Posture 
2. Smiling 
3. Alert, energized
4. Sitting still, quieter
5. Deep breath
6. Sharper and brighter vision
7. Reduced headache
8. Improved blood pressure
9. Movement, opening and feeling grounded.

What can I expect 24 to 48 hours after the session?

You are mandated to complete a feedback form called the Observation sheet 24 hours after your session and email that to us. The observation sheet is critical in adjusting the treatment to optimize your brain function.

We encourage you to keep a written journal of your experiences and changes that you may notice over the course of the week.

● Do colors and vision seem more vivid?

● Are you thinking more clearly?

● Has the duration and quality of your sleep changed?

● Has there been a change in your appetite, anxiety or headaches?

This is extremely valuable information for your doctor to take into consideration when adjusting your treatment plan to meet your specific brain needs.

You can also document the observations of your loved ones and friends who may notice the changes that you did not observe.

What happens if I experience a positive response? Do I need to continue treatment?

As your symptoms improve and your treatments hold longer we will increase the time between your treatments until you can sustain your improvement. Usually patients need 10-20 sessions to reach that point.

 What do I do if I have a stronger reaction than expected?

It is not possible to predict who will have a stronger reaction. A stronger reaction is not a bad thing, it is your nervous system responding and in fact is seen as a very positive sign that change for the better is happening.
Observe the change, write it on the observation sheet and inform your physician about it.
It is a process of understanding your brain and working with it to get the desired 
response. Stay positive and patient.

How do I know that I have a stronger reaction?

A strong reaction is a positive sign indicating that your brain and nervous system is 
responding. Even though it may be temporarily uncomfortable, it will not persist and will be followed by improvement.
Symptoms that are indicative of a strong reaction can occur 24 after the treatment. These symptoms are uncommon and can include symptoms such as feelings of fatigue, spaciness, anxiety, wiredness, headache or the temporary increase of a symptom. This is completely normal and will pass within 24 hours.

Fee Structure

How do I know that I have a stronger reaction?

● Each session is $150

● Package of 12 sessions is $1500 ($125 per session)

● Package of 20 sessions is $2340 ($117 per session)

Patients may be eligible for a first complimentary session per the discretion of the

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