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What are the 3 essential principles of aging gracefully?


Aging gracefully is a Science as well as an art. The science of aging is based on the research that discusses the numerous changes that take place in our bodies as we age as well as how those changes can be accelerated or retarded through our physical and mental health, our environmental exposures, our dietary choices and our lifestyles. The art of aging is based on an individual's unique physique, genetics, personality, social background and cultural dynamics. 

The basic premises of aging gracefully and slowing the process of aging is based on the science of epigenetics. Epi means on or above. Epigenetics is the science of modulating our genes. We have the ability to activate or deactivate our DNA. The DNA plays an important role in our ability to protect ourselves from diseases such as heart disease and cancer as well as the process of aging. The ability to modulate our genes empowers us to protect ourselves from diseases and aging.

The 3 essential principles of aging gracefully are 

1. Minimize oxidative stress

The ability of our body to metabolize external and internal toxins decreases with age. We are exposed to external toxins through ingestion, skin or respiratory tract. In addition, we also produce toxins internally as a result of process of metabolism to generate energy within each cells. This is one of the reasons that the older we get, the higher is the likelihood of experiencing medication side effects. Degree of oxidative stress can be measured and we can enhance our ability to detoxify both internal and external toxins.

2. Optimize nutrient intake

The nutrient requirements change with aging because of multiple factors including increase in oxidative stress, medication use (impairs the absorption of specific nutrients and increase toxic load on the liver) , decrease in the ability of the gut to digest and absorb nutrients as well as presence of chronic diseases (Impact our ability to digest, metabolize and utilize nutrients). Hence optimizing nutrition is a key factor in slowing the process of aging.

3. Hormonal Balance

As we age, there are hormonal changes that take place and these changes affects our physical and mental performance. In addition, these can predispose us to development of diseases such as high blood pressure. Balancing our hormones optimizes the ability of our body to function as well as our ability to use nutrients.

The Program for Aging Gracefully has been developed for individuals who are interested in aging gracefully through assessment of their oxidative stress, nutritional and hormonal status. The assessment is followed by a customized approach that addresses nutrition, physical activity, mind body techniques, medication management, enhancement of immune function and balancing of hormones. 

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