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Functional Approach to Pregnancy

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•Identify and mitigate maternal risk factors associated with autism spectrum disorder, mental health issues such as anxiety and ADHD, Allergies and Asthma in offspring.

•Reduce environmental toxin exposure during conception and post conception to reduce the risk of above disorders.

•Modify lifestyle factors, including diet, movement, sleep, stress, nutrients optimization and improving the gut bacteria to provide optimal environment for the growth and development of the baby.

•Avoid complications during pregnancy and delivery, including gestational Diabetes, hypertension, preterm births by early detection and mitigation of risk factors as well as optimizing physical, mental and emotional health of the mother.


Women considering to be pregnant as well as  those who are pregnant.

A Functional Approach

It consists of an initial consultation (60 minutes) followed by follow-up consultations (30-45 minutes).

Initial Consultation 


  • History from birth to date to identify potential risk factors, existing conditions and lifestyle factors that impact pregnancy.

  • At the end of the consultation, we will identify the conventional and Functional tests needed to check thyroid hormones, blood sugar regulation, nutrients, and anything else important in your case. We will be identifying modifiable factors that directly impact your pregnancy and the health of your baby.

Follow-up Consultations


  • These will be scheduled  over the course of pregnancyto review and discuss results as well as identifying appropriate interventions to improve diet, lifestyle, destress as well as optimize nutrients and gut bacteria.

  • The consultations will help the mother, the needs of the baby at different stages and how she can prepare for them better.

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