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"Zap Your Way to Zen:
The Shockingly Effective Healing Power of Microcurrent Neurofeedback"

You are invited to attend a free educational session led by Dr. Nadia Ali on MMicrocurrent neurofeedback, a non-invasive and drug-free tool that is extremely safe for everyone including pregnant women and children suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma (PTSD) and ADHD. It uses a small amount of electrical current to stimulate specific brain areas, promoting healing and enhancing brain function. The therapy has been shown to reverse both structural and functional brain defects resulting from physical and emotional trauma.


Unlike conventional medicine, microcurrent neurofeedback is free of side effects and provides a permanent solution to these mental health conditions. Moreover, this powerful tool can help individuals get off of antidepressant and anxiety medications, offering a natural and effective alternative for those seeking a drug-free approach to healing.


Please spread the word among your friends and families, so that they too can become aware of this powerful tool and explore how it can complement their current therapy and medication regimens, ultimately leading to a higher quality of life.

Date & Time:

15th March, 2023 (Wednesday)

06:00 PM EST



Kohn Room, Easttown Library

720 First Avenue

Berwyn, PA 19312


  1. Why do we need a Drug-Free Solution to Mental Health?

  2. What is Microcurrent Neurofeedback, and how does it work?

  3. Is Microcurrent Neurofeedback safe for mothers and babies? 

  4. Who can benefit from Microcurrent Neurofeedback?








Dr. Nadia Ali is a Functional Physician and a Mindfulness coach. She is the founder and director of ‘Functional Holistic Healing’, a Functional Integrative practice focused on a personalized approach to identifying and reversing the root causes contributing to the development of chronic diseases. She completed her internal medical residency from Drexel University. She obtained her Master’s in Public Health (MPH) from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


She is a fellow of the American College of Physicians (FACP). Her journey into Integrative Functional Medicine began during her MPH due to her personal experience. She is board certified in both internal medicine and integrative medicine. She has expertise in Ayurveda, Mind Body Medicine, Functional Nutrition, epigenetics, and Chinese medicine.  She is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). 


As a co-author of the Amazon best-seller "Thriving after Burnout," she has harnessed her expertise to inspire and educate women who have experienced burnout. By shedding light on the causes and consequences of burnout, the book empowers individuals and organizations to cultivate healthier work environments and support systems, which can enhance both personal well-being and professional fulfillment.


Dr. Nadia Ali

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Functional Medicine, Ayurveda, 
Mind Body Medicine, Aromatherapy & Nutrition

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