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Integrative Care for the Elderly
What is Integrative Care for the elderly?

Prevalence of Chronic Diseases amongst the elderly population is rapidly increasing. Most of these diseases are preventable and are a result of modifiable lifestyle changes.


Adults ≥ 65 years make up 14% of the population in the United States; use ≥ 30% of prescription medications. 90%of adults over 65 years of age take at least one prescription medication a week and 40% take at least five different medications.

Medication use in the elderly population accounts for a significant number of side effects, drug interactions, emergency room visits and hospitalizations.


Integrative Geriatric Care empowers the patients to make changes in their lifestyles as well incorporate non-conventional evidence based therapies to help them improve their symptoms as well as achieve their health targets such as A1C without the use of too many prescription drugs and risk of adverse effects.


An important aspect of Integrative Geriatric Care is the education and involvement of members of family in helping the patient make the necessary changes to improve their health.


How can we help you?


At Functional Holistic Healing, we develop a personalized wellness and prevention plan that integrates the conventional care with integrative care. We work with primary care physicians, geriatricians and specialists to help patients use evidence based natural, safe and gentle modes of healing such as chair yoga, aromatherapy, nutrition, mind body techniques and individualized physical activity to relieve symptoms and improve the quality of their lives.


Dr. Nadia Ali is board certified in  Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine. She has completed a mini-fellowship in Geriatrics from Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She has expertise in integrative geriatric care for wellness as well as treatment of symptoms related to chronic diseases such as Depression, Anxiety, Diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, fatigue, memory and cognitive deficits,  hormonal imbalances, pain and gut disorders.


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