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Initial Consultation and follow-up visit


Before the First Visit


  • Detailed paperwork will be provided to patients via mail, fax or email.

  • The initial paperwork needs to be mailed, emailed or faxed before scheduling the appointment.

  • The initial paperwork consists of detailed questionnaires that will focus on diet, exercise, medical symptoms, exposure to infections and toxins, physical and emotional trauma, lifestyle, sleep, social support including relationships and genetic tendency.

  • The doctor will review the paper work, highlight areas that require further discussion during the consultation, identify and prepare materials that will be needed to facilitate the healing of patients. In addition, the doctor will also identify useful resources for the patient.

  • The patients will receive reminders about their upcoming appointment.


What to bring to your first visit?


  • Please bring your medical records and consultation records if you have been seen by other physicians for your health problems

  • Please bring all your medications and supplements


Intitial Visit


  • ​There is no wait time.

  • The patients are expected to come 5-10 minutes before the appointment.

  • Payment is due at the time of consultation.

  • The initial visit usually takes about 60 minutes with the physician.

  • The physician provides each patient with a life map that outlines the core health issues that the patient has experienced and the potential causes that underlie the health problems identified.

  • The physican will also create a plan with the input from the patient that outlines the next steps in terms of the lifestyle changes, natural supplements, diagnostic testing and referrals to resources.

  • The patient and physician will decide on a follow-up date and time.


Follow-up visit


  • Follow-ups can be scheduled within 24-48 hours.

  • There is no wait time.

  • You will receive a reminder for your follow-up appointment.

  • You may need to fill out forms or track your symptoms using specific diaries depending on your needs.

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