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2 Most Effective Natural ways to prevent Flu


We have entered the Flu Season and every year 1 in 3 Americans suffer from Flu. In some cases the symptoms of fever, fatigue, sore throat, cough and muscle pains lasts from 7-14 days. Unfortunately children, elderly, and those with lung problems, Diabetes, Heart Disease and low immunity can develop complications such as Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Sinus and ear infections. Research indcates that there are 2 effective, safe and naturally ways to prevent Flu; Influenzinum and Vitamin C.   


Limitations of Flu Vaccine


The Flu vaccine that is advocated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has multiple limitations.


EffectivenessA Cochrane review found that 70 people have to be vaccinated for preventing 1 case of Influenza. Unfortunately, children, elderly and immunosuppressed individuals are the least likely to develop immunity after the vaccination. CDC has advised against using the nasal Flu vaccine (Flumist) because it has been found to be ineffective.


Safety: Patients who have received vaccine have actually experienced symptoms of Flu after the vaccine. One researcher has argued that vaccinating a person every year may actually decrease the immune response to the vaccine.There are concern about the presence of additives in the vaccine. We do not have any long term effectiveness studies on these vaccines


Despite these limitations it is important to discuss all your options with your doctor including Flu vaccine and alternative options.


What are the Natural ways to Prevent Flu?




Vitamin C





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