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COVID-19 and the Immune system Video Webinar


Our entire nation is going through a very difficult and uncertain phase as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. One of the most powerful weapons that we can acquire to fight this pandemic is developing awareness about how to protect ourselves effectively. Dr. Nadia Ali hosted a video webinar titled 'COVID-19 and the Immune System' to create awareness in the community on Saturday April 11th 2020 at 4 PM. The webinar discusses transmission, clinical presentation, symptoms, testing and treatment for COVID-19 along with discussion of the immune system in protecting individuals from severe infection. 






1. To examine the transmission of coronavirus from infected humans including asymptomatic individuals and inanimate objects

2. To analyze the typical and atypical symptoms of COVID-19 in children and adults 

3. To review the different types of tests, their advantages and disadvantages

4. To identify the impact of COVID-19 on digestive system, respiratory system (lungs), cardiovascular system (heart) and kidneys.

5. To explore the current data on treating options available for patients infected with COVID-19

6. To assess the role of nutrients, diet, lifestyle, stress and sleep on the immune system's capacity to handle COVID-19 infection


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