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Initial Functional/Holistic Consultation and Follow-up Consultation Package


What does the cost of Initial Consultation cover?


The initial consultation is an essential step in the Holistic/Functional approach. The cost of initial consultation covers


  • 60 minute face time with physician

  • Review of detailed questionnaire completed and submitted by the patient before the appointment. The questionnaire focuses on diet, exercise, medical symptoms, exposure to infections and toxins, physical and emotional trauma, lifestyle, sleep, social support including relationships and genetic tendency.

  • Pre-visit identification of useful resources for the patient and preparation of material that will optimize diagnosis and healing of the patients.

  • Review of medical records and consultation records, labs and radiology tests.

  • Functional testing, instructions and facilitation in conduction of these tests.

  • Access to quality nutraceutical products

  • Personalized healing experience through provision of a life map by your provider that outlines the core health issues that you have experienced and the potential causes that underlie the health problems identified.

  • The physician will also create a plan with the input from the patient that outlines the next steps in terms of the lifestyle changes, natural supplements, diagnostic testing and referrals to resources.

  • Tools and materials to track progress as well as obtain a better understanding and application of the holistic approach.


What does the cost of Follow-up visit cover?


Depending on the unique needs of each patient the follow-up visit cost can covers the following areas. It is not possible to cover all areas at one time hence the patient and provider prioritize the areas that need to be covered during the follow-up visit.


  • 45-60 minutes face time with physicians.

  • Personalized nutrition consultation

  • Personalized Mind Body Techniques

  • Personalized exercise or yoga mudras recommendations

  • Functional test results, analysis and discussion.

  • Assessment of progress

  • Additional evaluations and assessments to measure progress towards healing and wellness.





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