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What is Holistic, Integrative or functional Medicine?


Holistic, Functional or Integrative Medicine is an evidence based approach in which the inner healing ability of our body, mind and spirit is optimized to prevent and heal health conditions. The Science and art of holistic healing uses natural tools that are safe, gentle and effective. It is based on the principle that we have the capacity to heal our minds, bodies and spirits. A Holistic or functional practitioner is a specialist who works with your primary care doctor and specialists to identify lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors contributing to your illness. Then the healer empowers the clients through holistic or functional tools in addition to the conventional medicine to take control of their health.


Why is Integrative Medicine an essential component for preventing and treating chronic disease? 


According to the World Health Organization 2004 report, USA consumes 52% of the prescribed medications and 80% of the narcotics produced in the entire world. Despite the extensive use of medications, the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases like heart disease, Diabetes and autoimmune disease continues to rise leading to death and disability. 


An important principle of Functional Medicine that is essential to healing and wellness is to identify the cause of the disease or symptoms followed by reversing the triggers or factors that contribute to the problem. There are many possible factors that can lead to chronic disease and symptoms.



















We all have the power to live healthier life. There are many tools that can guide us on this path of healing ourselves. Below are some examples.



Nutritional Medicine: Nutritional medicine considers food to be medicine. Click here to learn about how you can use nutrition as a source of healing.


Functional Medicine: This approach attempts to understand the cause of the disease and eliminate the cause using a natural approach and not just treating the signs and symptoms of a disease.


Ayurveda: This is one of the oldest systems of healing that personalizes prevention and healing of disease through an understanding of our physical characteristics and mental attitudes.


Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy uses essential oils for enhancing us physically and mentally.


Yoga: It is an ancient descipline that heals through its focus on physical postures, breathing and meditation.


Meditation: It is the practice of tapping into our consciousness through concentration to bring about physical and emotional healing.

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