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Healthy Food

Healing Grocery 

Shopping Tour

After the success of the first two healing grocery tours, we are excited to announce that we are organizing our  Third Healing Grocery Tour in September 2023! We are committed to bringing you the best selection of healing foods and ingredients to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.


As before, our focus will be providing knowledge about the different varieties of organic, locally sourced, and sustainably-grown foods known to have healing properties. From nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables to immune-boosting herbs and spices, our carefully curated grocery tour will give you everything you need to create nourishing meals and snacks that will support your health and well-being.

Grocery shopping can be stressful and confusing; it can be hard to know what to put in your basket, but it doesn’t need to be! A grocery store tour is a perfect way to learn about making healthy food choices for people with diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities, gut issues, or other medical conditions. We are arranging a 75-minute group grocery shopping tour to Whole Foods Market, Wayne and I (Dr. Nadia Ali) will guide you about purchasing nutritious and non-toxic products and food items.

grocery tour.png

Group Photo of Our Grocery Tour May 2023

Objectives of our tour

  1. Become empowered about food. No more confusion about what to buy and what to avoid.

  2. Learn how to understand and read food labels

  3. Implement strategies to avoid impulse buying

  4. Identify important factors to consider during food shopping

  5. Discover how a grocery store layout can impact your buying choices

Why do you need to attend?

A grocery store is an excellent resource for learning about food, discovering which foods and products will work best for you and your family's health needs, and getting answers to your grocery shopping related questions. It is the best place to learn which foods can help you with your healthh goals and create meal plans that are balanced and nutritious because you have direct access to all the food items that you need!

Our healing grocery shopping tour will focus on healing foods including healing vegetables, fruits, proteins, fats, nuts and drinks. Dr. Ali will provide you with helpful tips about avoiding impulsive shopping, understanding the layout of a grocery store and where to begin shopping; understanding and reading food labels; and learning about affordable and time-saving meal ideas.

Save the Date

Date: March, 27th, 2024 (Wednesday)

Time: 07:00 PM EST

Duration: 75 Minutes

Store Name: Whole Foods Market

Location: 821 Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA 19087. 

  More details:

Tours are limited to 15 to 18 attendees maximum. All attendees must pre-register and pre-pay to reserve their seats for the tour. Tours are non-refundable. Attendees are not permitted to bring a friend/family member who has not registered and paid.

Per person, Fee is $75

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